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Leading the Intermountain West in quality, energy efficient, architectural, and exterior lighting products.*

Light Agency Group, Inc. is a rep agency catering to the residential, resort, and specialty commercial arenas for Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. Light Agency Group, Inc. provides architects, engineers, and builders the proven paths to artistic, energy efficient lighting that elevates the built environment.  Light Agency Group, Inc., helps in selecting and directing lighting products that enhance the architecture and creates an experience that is not only viewed, but additionally felt.

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Museum quality optical framing projectors since 1968

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New LED dream line for the Intermountain West

LED recessed, mono-point lighting

Multiple trim options, finishes and adjustable temperature

Serving Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming

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New branch office in Jackson, Wyo.

Branch Manager, Dave Niles, is a 38 year resident of Jackson

Quality lighting made simple

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Proudly representing Park City Lights

Beautiful, robust, and dark sky sensitive

Lighting Agency Group Inc. has sold to CET & Associates

CET & Associates - Denver, Colorado

please contact Chris Carboni -- (303) 758-5530