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 Dreamscape Lighting | Hevi Lite |
LED Neon Flex | LF Illumination | MerlinLight®
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Los Angeles, CA, Dreamscape Lighting, launches new website.


New Decorative Tree Series Pendants announced.

View Dreamscape Lighting’s Tree Pendant LED Downlight

Dreamscape Lighting | Los Angeles, CA | Light Agency Group, Inc.

Hevi Lite is located in the sunny, warm heart of San Fernando Valley in California. It is here that we develop, design and manufacture quality fixtures for lighting specifiers and architects.

View all of Hevi Lite’s, News & Events here

Hevi Lite, Inc. | Chatsworth, CA | Light Agency Group, Inc.

Las Vegas, NV, LED Neon Flex launches new website.


Daft Punk unleashes the power of Vigid RGB at the 2014 Grammy Awards.

Watch the Daft Punk video with Stevie Wonder and Niles Rogers

LED Neon Flex | Las Vegas, NV | Light Agency Group, Inc.

2015 Product Guide released, launching several new items.

View LF Illumination 2015 Product Guide

LumaDIM™ LED dimming technology announced. Indistinguishable from incandescent lighting.

Learn more about LumaDIM™ dimming technology

Zukerman, Israel Team up to Teach Masters Level Class at Otis.

Learn more about this strategic partnership

MerlinLight® precision framing projectors added to the line. 

Overview of the MerlinLight® projector, recessed fixture

LF Illumination | Chatsworth, CA | Light Agency Group, Inc.

Salt Lake City, UT, MerlinLight® launches new website.


New partnership formed with LF Illumination.

View MerlinLight® projector at

The only Air Tight / IC rated recessed precision projector on the market.

Learn more about the MerlinLight® specialized art lighting system

Several new patent pending soon to be issued for a Decorative Series with new adjustable front.

View all of the MerlinLight® style sheets

MerlinLight® | Salt Lake City, UT | Light Agency Group, Inc.

No. 8 Lighting products have been featured in many design projects and published in some of the top regional and national publications.

View a collection of No. 8 Lighting’s featured magazine appearances

Number 8 Lighting | Cotati, CA | Light Agency Group, Inc.

After working extensively on many projects, TBD found specific voids in the market, and has developed exclusive products to meet our clients’ needs.

View Technology by Design’s manufactured products

LED Closet Storage Light approved.

View details on the LED Closet Storage Light

Technology by Design | Basalt, CO | Light Agency Group, Inc.

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Lighting Agency Group Inc. has sold to CET & Associates

CET & Associates - Denver, Colorado

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