Light Agency Group, Inc. is a rep agency catering to the residential, resort, and specialty commercial arenas for Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming.


CIVILIGHT North America | Global | Light Agency Group, Inc.

CIVILIGHT North America | Multi-National

CIVILIGHT (North America) Shenzhen Semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd (CIVILIGHT) is a world leader engaged in R&D, manufacturing and global marketing of LED lighting products. CIVILIGHT has more than 13 years of experience in LED packaging and innovation in LED lighting application products. CIVILIGHT’s vision is to light up the world by offering exceptional LED Lighting products at affordable prices to consumers world-wide, and to expand our multi-national business group.

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Hevi Lite, Inc. | Chatsworth, CA | Light Agency Group, Inc.

Hevi Lite, Inc. | Chatsworth, CA

Hevi Lite is located in the sunny, warm heart of San Fernando Valley in California. It is here that we develop, design and manufacture quality fixtures for lighting specifiers and architects. This is where we take concept to end product. Solid aluminum, brass and stainless billet are machined, formed, and assembled by experienced craftsmen in our factory.  Smart designers choose Hevi Lite to fit with almost any architectural style, from American Craftsman to Post Modern.

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LF Illumination | Chatsworth, CA | Light Agency Group, Inc.

LF Illumination | Chatsworth, CA

LF ILLUMINATION LLC is the brainchild of some of the greatest minds in architectural lighting. The company has leveraged relationships forged in architectural lighting over the past 45 years between manufacturers, fixture designers, marketeers, and specifiers. LF ILLUMINATION is a manufacturer that listens to the needs of designers and reacts with fixtures that provide high efficiency, performance, and the latest in LED technology that will define architectural lighting for years to come.

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Number 8 Lighting | Cotati, CA | Light Agency Group, Inc.

Number 8 Lighting | Cotati, CA

As Lighting Designers, we understand lighting because we’ve been lighting exquisite environments for over 25 years.  It was a natural evolution for us to create the ultimate specification grade luminaires that not only meet the needs of our lighting projects, but those of our peers.  We reached out to Lighting Designers, Architects, Interior Designers and Contractors who provided us with valuable input in developing our product line.  The result is an extraordinary line of luminaires created with unique built-in features that are superior.

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Technology by Design | Basalt, CO | Light Agency Group, Inc.

Technologies by Design | Basalt, CO

Technology By Design is a distributor and manufacturer of lighting products.   A Colorado Top 100 Woman-Owned and managed business enterprise, TBD supplies factory-direct lighting products for commercial and large scale residential projects all over the US.  TBD works with contractors, developers or end-users, as best suited to the project requirements.  TBD guarantees the best pricing and priority production scheduling for our clients, based on our factory-direct relationships.

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Dreamscape Lighting | Los Angeles, CA | Light Agency Group, Inc.

Dreamscape Lighting | Los Angeles, CA

Since 1987, Dreamscape Lighting has provided cutting edge, proprietary lighting fixtures to the architectural, interior design, and landscape design industries. Dreamscape’s approach to fixture design is both conceptual and practical. An example of Dreamscape’s patented technology is the introduction in 2002 of the Flush Trim concept, a way to make recessed lighting appear flush with the ceiling plane. A new paradigm in ceiling mounted fixtures was established through this concept.

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LEDneon Flex | Las Vegas, NV | Light Agency Group, Inc.

LEDneon Flex | Las Vegas, NV is wholly owned by Green LED Lighting Solutions a highly-specialized engineering company with core competence in LED-based space lighting and signage applications. Headquartered in the USA with offices in the USA and Canada, GLLS offers sophisticated LED lighting products—using energy efficient and environment-friendly LEDs—for commercial lighting and commercial signs required by architectural, design, and engineering firms as well as retailers and brand marketers.

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MerlinLight® | Salt Lake City, UT | Light Agency Group, Inc.

MerlinLight® | Salt Lake City, UT

The MerlinLight® line of recessed framing projectors are specialized art lighting systems that have been enhancing investment art collections worldwide for over 40 years. The MerlinLight® features advanced technology producing precision color corrected lighting shaped specifically on selected objects. The systems have been engineered to protect fine art and furnishings from harmful Ultra Violet rays. UV output is well below the maximum levels allowed by museum curators for sensitive materials.

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Mojo Illumination | Global | Light Agency Group, Inc.

Mojo Illumination | Broomfield, CO

Mojo Illumination is a Denver Colorado based Architectural LED Lighting Manufacturer focused on providing Customized Product solutions tailored to your specifications and work space.

WHO WE ARE….We are Passionate about product design and the art of illumination.  We offer decades of design and industry experience and have worked on many large scale custom projects for fortune 500 customers.

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Park City Lights | Park City, UT | Light Agency Group, Inc.

Park City Lights | Park City, UT

Park City Lights (PCL) is a design, manufacturing and sales team. We recognized a void in outdoor lighting and devised a classic solution for architects, contractors and home or business owners.  If you have searched for durable landscape lighting fixtures to place along a driveway, path or other high traffic area, you have probably been frustrated by the lack of design and craftsmanship available. Most customers end up settling for a basic, painted fixture that detracts from, rather than enhances, the aesthetics of their landscape.

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Tyler Co, Inc. | Irvine, CA | Light Agency Group, Inc.

TylerCo, Inc. | Irvine, CA

SLABlite Panels are the ultimate solution to back-lighting stones like onyx, solid surface translucent materials for countertops and other back lighting challenges. This energy efficient product is waterproof, durable and provides consistent even lighting for many surfaces with an expected life of 20 years. The invention of SIGNlite revolutionized the way signs are illuminated. In addition to the ability to evenly light virtually everything, the cost to light areas is a fraction of what it used to be.

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