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Dreamscape Lighting | Los Angeles, CA | Light Agency Group, Inc.Since 1987, Dreamscape Lighting has provided cutting edge, proprietary lighting fixtures to the architectural, interior design, and landscape design industries. Dreamscape’s approach to fixture design is both conceptual and practical. An example of Dreamscape’s patented technology is the introduction in 2002 of the Flush Trim concept, a way to make recessed lighting appear flush with the ceiling plane. A new paradigm in ceiling mounted fixtures was established through this concept. Design has often been matched with technology, as Dreamscape was an early adopter of T-5 fluorescent lamps. A linear T-5 design introduced in 2003 created the patented vanity series, Reflections. The expansion of this concept is now visible in custom lengths, creative intersections, and LED sources. Embracing the newest technology has been one of Dreamscape’s greatest strengths. This is evident in the complete collection of LED linear products showin in the Master Collection brochure (new for 2014). Products in this collection can be used to illuminate the architectural elements in commercial, hospitality and residential applications. All existing products offer an LED solution for maximum energy management.Spago’s The design and development of a variety of landscape lighting fixtures were the focus of the early years of our company. Their solid brass construction yields superior longevity. From the Moonshadow steplight in 1988, to the Nalu pathlight in 2006, Dreamscape designs convey the commitment to innovation, design excellence, and the utilization of cutting edge technologies.

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